Silla Black

Chameleon of Burlesque

Old class glamour doesn't begin to describe this lady.

Taken directly from a hollywood movie, Silla sparkles in swarovski!

Known for her high class costumes, Silla is available to wow your clients.

With a tertiary education in health/medical Silla easily mingles with guests. Happy to pose for photos and interact with the public Silla is a perfect choice when booking your next high class performer.

Shadowing her would be one of her stunning props from a clear round bath, champagne glass that Silla serves your guests drinks from to her vintage carousel horse, she has them all. Silla is also the proud owner of the worlds largest fur stole, vegan waterfall fans and 1st pair of burlesque worship flags.

Check out Silla's instragram - chameleonofburlesque