Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

For more than a decade, Silla Black has tackled genres from pole, circus, strip tease through burlesque on both the east & west coast of Australia appearing in major events including 2012 Australian Burlesque Festival & Perth International Burlesque Festival. Silla Black is recognised for her interpretative dance notable for taking taboo subject matters and thrusting them into the main stream public’s view for their consideration & discussion. Described as the “Chameleon of Burlesque” due to the constant variations of both genre & appearance, Silla Black is sure to set the audience a gasp with ohh, arghs & a few tisk tisk! Not for the faint hearted, this beautiful performer has both personality & presence on & off the stage!

Dedicating her most recent exploits to the business side of Burlesque, Silla Black spent 2010 working alongside Dr Sketchy’s Adelaide owners ensuring the launch of their business was successful. Silla Black turned her attention to Miss Burlesque Australia in 2010 where she competed as a finalist before joining as producer in 2011 to resounding success & extended this in 2012 with management of the Grand Final and onto other states in 2013. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Silla Black pushes herself to explore other art forms including the alternative & pin up scenes where she often works as a model. Well known in both Sydney & Adelaide, for her love of high class, sophisticated performance art, Silla Black ensures that the highest of standards are met for Striplesque.